Day 4: Irony in this situation

Well today, something great will go down. Nope, not getting married (…not happening in the near future that is) and I’m getting a new car though that would be sweet if I had a license. Well based on this title, my fellow readers; I’m getting a game controller for my PC. Of course I can’t use it until January 3rd, but I’m getting it used at a sweet deal. Just at 20 bucks, I’m getting a Logitech RumblePad 2; which I think is pried at around $50 Canadian. Even at good condition and used once, it’s not a bad price. Downside probably minor like no refunds and void warranty. But it shouldn’t be a problem.

Since we’re on the topic. DAY FOUR! I’m one fifth there…almost. Just have to hold out long enough until I don’t feel the pain. Last night, I just tossed and turned all night. When I woke up after probably hours of fading between my conciousness, all I did was look up trailers of games. I feel so weak but it felt good. Well, I’m not going to play a game so it’s not bending the rules; I’m just walking that fine line.

Plans for today include TV, YouTube, a movie, installing software for my gamepad and poetry. Though I really should add finishing touches to my present for my girlfriend, she’s going to be surprised when you opens her inbox on Saturaday.

Tomorrow, I have plans with my sister again before she leaves. Then after dinner and back here to blog about it before I sleep. If not, the blog will be the day after and maybe on the same day, finishing touches to my present.

Today’s fairly uneventful, so I’m going to get right down to it. I’ll see you fine people tomorrow!


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