Day 3: Banter and Boredom

Morning and afternoon everyone! Well I woke up around 3, but I knew my sleeping habits would change since I started this plan. Today’s plan is pretty simple, maybe some grocery shopping and some net surfing. Rules to that; no games and must be something I have to read considering I hardly read books anymore.

I’m also looking for a netbook since I found them pretty handy recently in terms of what I can do with it on my bed…which is surf the internet, you naughty bloggers! Though it would be pretty sweet to have it around so I can blog and stuff on my bed before I sleep. Problem with netbooks are that they’re not very customizable unlike a laptop or a desktop. Storage is somewhat atrocious, unless you have an external storage device. And as a gamer, I think the processor is kind of slow. Honestly, 1.66 GHz is nothing compared to a quad core 2.4 GHz. Though on the upside, it is ultra portable and you can pretty much carry it anywhere you desire to access the Internet which is literally it’s primary function (“net” book, duh!). I’ve also noticed portable computer are really prettier than anything I’ve seen in the past 5 years too. Even netbooks are getting the same treatment. You can find them in white, black, green, blue, red and even (my new favourite colour for a PC) purple now. Well I guess I’ll add it to the stuff I want to get once I get a job. Also I think I should buy some batteries since I’m running two chargers now. It’s horrible wince the labels for my  Pure Energy batteries can be ripped up easy and they leak when you keep in abnormal temperatures. I like the Energizers my sister bought and gave to me. These are really good for my wireless keyboard though the mouse should be using the rechargeable it came with; but luck would have it, I don’t have a 5 volt DC adapter for the dock. So it’s a pretty hard decision, either buy the adapter and waste one of the last 2 spots on my surge protector or buy the batteries to charge in one of those spots. Well I guess I could get the adapter cheap, though it is a really bad technical flaw.

I guess we have a techie in our lives if that techie isn’t you. Especially when you need some software troubleshooting at 12 in the morning or just to resolve hardware issues for almost no cost.

Though looking back on yesterday and how packed Christmas shopping is and we have a few more days until the day, I thought I would share my stance on gifts. Though we do rationalize that cost equals to love or appreciation, this in my own opinion doesn’t make much of a decisive choice when it comes to gifting. I see gifts of more of a appreciation of the person and not the amount of money for stuff someone might not wear or use. Like you don’t go around buying jewellery for someone who just wants a damn MP3 player for Christmas. Stick to what you know and don’t try and out-do expectations (“Little Miss Whine-A-Lot wants that T-shirt at that one shop, so I’m going to to the most expensive place and get her a hat that costs 500 bucks. It’s cool because it’s a designer brand”).  Exaggerations aside, pick something functional that suits the person’s current interests as well and keep it under budget. usually the second best presents are still the best because it shows you as more of a listener. But what if you don’t have a financial budget for those gifts. Cliche as it sounds, spending time with the person and making memories is the most invaluable gift. It can never be bought and always can be given.

Later tonight I think I’m going to settle down by writing poetry or a short story. Get some brainstorming ideas. I’ll definitely share them with you.

Post a comment or suggestion and I’ll try and get back to you on it. Until tomorrow, think about what was your favourite gift ; both material and non-material, share in a post.

Thanks for reading!


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