Day 2: Munchies and Munchkins

Day two, I’m starting to feel the pinch now. I’m really tempted to log into Steam and play some Team Fortress 2 or start up Grand Theft Auto and play for a day. I just woke up from sleeping and I can’t sleep. It’s like I’m a cigarette addict just wanting to smoke. Well, just another day closer I suppose.

Besides the heartwarming chinese food and the crowded shopping malls, it was very much usual. My sister totally and abandoned that Pacific Mall trip for another time after new years. So we bought some cards for her Munchkin collection and just played with them until I left. Overall, it wasn’t as eventful as I hoped.

So what’s up with day 3? Well, I plan on buying some vegetable and some meat and make some good food. I wanted to at least learn a recipe or two. Maybe prep some meat for the dehydrator since my sister will be out for a week and I can do that while I’m there. I can’t wait to make some beef jerky by myself. Anyone else know any good uses for a dehydrator? Share recipe ideas in the comments, I would love to know if there’s anything awesome I can do with beef or the dehydrator. That would probably consume about a week or so; hopefully with better results than last time. Though I was the guinea pig/quality assurance for the first batch.

Maybe wrote more poems or start a short story, I may want to get to one of those. I really do enjoy writing for certain people just to give them joy; one of the many emotions I never really have in my life, which in fact sucks epically on an epic scale of epic-ness.

Well I’m pretty stoked about that considering I have 10 days to make a large batch of beef jerky. I like beef jerky; on top of many other things. Ha! I’m rambling again, it always happens. Anyways, I’m going to get a snack at two in the morning and roam around WordPress for stories and such.

Until tomorrow, readers!!!


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