Day 1: Sibling-ness!

Hey guys, progress report on my 21 days. Though it’s been a day, I’ve managed to live a day without games. I’m starting to feel a craving coarsing through my skin but it shouldn’t be much for now. Probably later, I will be scraming for some Grand Theft Auto or flipping out on the small stuff.

Besides from that, my sister and I hung out today. Pretty much planning out stuff and helping her with a few things. She’s going to be away and I’ll have to tend to her plants for most of the time. Next week, she’ll be off like any other Canadain traveller traversing theTerran skies to meet an acquaintance (though if I had the cash, I would do the same. Why does she have to live in Hawaii?). Also I’m planning to work on a little short story. Maybe I’ll share it with oyu guys, only if you guys would like to hear a bit of romance and (likely) some teen romance.

Day 2 of the plan is going to be simple. I’m scheduled to meeet with my sister again so we can have some lunch and play a bit of Munchkin card game.For those RPG fans, try Munchkins; it’s a pretty good game, especially around a dinner table.Maybe Monday (day 3) I’ll check out some hobby shops and check out some comic books or graphic novels. Ever since Scott Pilgrim vs. The World came out, I wanted to read the graphhic novels or at least read something like a graphic novel. By the way, Mary Elizabeth and her fictional counterpart are two really beautiful girls, I wish I could meet her in person (Ramona Flowers, I mean). Then after maybe hit up Internet and find a music stand for my sister or go to an electronic store like The Source and get her an MP3 music player pouch or something.

Tjat reminds me, I have to get more rechargable batteries for my wireless gear. My  sister was going to toss her old keyboard and mouse set since she’s going to move within the next six months So I graciously accepted the LX700 from Logitech. It’s pretty freaking old; but for the price, it’s pretty good. I don’t get full wireless coverage in my room, but I can type this whole blog out on my bed. Anyways, I thought I could bring a little snapshot on my progress on Plan 21.

Leave a comment or suggestion on what to do with Plan 21. I still have to figure out the next 19 days. Good night world (or morning depending on when I publish and stuff…oop, ADHD tangent!)

P.S. Note to self:write some poetry.


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