This day could be the day!

I think I had enough of these days when I wake up at three in the afternoon. It’s been about two days of this and I can’t really bear this anymore. So I’m definitely starting Plan 21. Plan 21 you ask? Let me explain. It’s just an anti-addiction/obsessive compulsion measure I made for myself to get off of odd little thoughts. I started this through reading a few articles about addictions and psychological conditioning. Then somewhere (I wish I could remember where I read this) that it takes an average of 21 days to be conditioned away from additions. I did this once but as a drastic measure but it all starts from going cold turkey. It works really well for me but it’s the relapse that could be dangerous or the fact that staving off an addiction could find myself in another. But as of December 17th at 6 PM until January 3rd at 6 AM, I’ll be off video games. All games, even the online games you find on websites! It’s going to be a tough ride but at least I can blog about it.

So that’s going to be my big plan to get past Christmas and New Years. And after that, I might work out a transitional period or evaluate my progress. Which instead of 12 days of Christmas, I’ll be having 21 days of gruelling , unforgivable agony. At least I know 2 days will be spent on eating some good food and New Years might be interesting.

Tomorrow, I’ll be out for the whole day. So no blog tomorrow (I know, I’ll miss you too), but definitely I’ll tell you all about it the next day; super pinky swear! So that’s 4 of the 21 days planned. I’m not so outdoorsy in the winter, but I might skate for a day. I’ll definitely tag my 21 days, or put it into a category on WordPress for you all to follow my progress.

It will be an easy Friday tonight, and I’ll definitely be ready for tomorrow. I’ll just have to hold out until then.

Since I turned the big 2-0, maybe I should donate something. Maybe make my life a bit meaningful. Give blood? Donate to charity? Buy something which goes towards charity? I honestly don’t want to give it to a random homeless person considering some of them are professional homeless people. Yeah, some people are pros when it comes to it so they can make a living just sitting around and making cash apparently. I never made a donation or contributed to anything charitable, I blame that to my upbringing. Well since I’m trying to define my existence, I guess I should try at least once. I’m definitely looking for that one meaningful contribution. Something that’s me and something that would make me feel pretty good no matter what.

Anyways, I’m going to roam around Youtube until I sleep. Comments or suggestion appreciated. I wouldn’t mind what I should do within 21 days or donate something to charity!


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