I woke up around 5 and the afternoon because I did a terrible thing. No I didn’t stay up late…okay maybe a bit…maybe until 6 A.M. late. But it was only to play video games; which I should really stop using as an excuse. I have a whole list of things to do and I just kind of forgot the whole day and just play some video games. I check my email today and found a beta key for an upcoming game and I thought I might as well spend an hour. Well I did spend an hour and then some. Though I promised I’d stay off of all my games, but it’s kind of hard not to considering I invested about two grand on my system to run nothing but video games. I guess that’s why I started my blog so I can at least find solace from my problem. Tonight, I should hit the hay much early so I can at least make it to tomorrow.

Yesterday I found some hope in my mess. I bit of hope of getting my old job back. Though it may take awhile, I guess I can try and survive until then. I miss being employed and to work a bit in my life so I can find myself using most of my life in something I believe is worth doing. Just found that little bit of encouragement to not back down enduring considering where I’m at in my young life. Tomorrow’s a brand new day, I just have to find a way to survive until then.

Looking around the Internet, I found some nifty sites that I found pretty adorable. Like www.givesmehope.com, where people post little mementoes to help others define themselves. I especially love their spin-off site love.givesmehope.com. It gives me something to think about in terms of family, friendship and optimistic view of my situation. Seems like the only thing in my life that really helped me keep living aside from shaky relationships with other people.

Oh, I’m not forgetting wordpress.com. I found some blogs today that really know where to hit the spot, like lincolncrockett who wrote an insightful piece about how to pull through a harsh breakup. I wish I had that guidance a few years back. I don’t know why, but I’m always a sucker when it comes to recipes. I just can’t get enough of recipe books especially those meals or appetizers with a very simplistic or rustic feel to them. Like making something so easy into something very festive or extravagant. Especially this time of year, where people are having dinners which are very waistline unfriendly. I must admit, I like that time of year where you can sit down and indulge on your own gluttony. In Christianity, it’s a sin; in that case, I would be a really bad boy and deserves a spanking (…lets pretend that does not inappropriate).

Though I am more of a steak man, I do love chicken in a few meals. One of my childhood favourites was chicken noodle soup with a bit of chopped parsley with salted crackers on the side. Now I’m more of the Indian-style chicken cuisine like Tandoori or Masala, pretty much chicken and curry makes a good meal. I usually find cheap meal ideas so I can save some cash while filling my stomach. I’m getting pretty good with pasta with a bit of diced pan seared sausage. Hmmm, I make that a lot. I should really diversify on what I make. Maybe some beef or chicken plus some other stuff? I’ve always wanted to make a thick stew. The stuff in a can just doesn’t cut it in terms of a good hearty stew. Lets me know if you have any dinner ideas, I wouldn’t mind trying them out if they’re pretty affordable.

Awhile back, my sister got me two things for my birthday; a food dehydrator and a pocket knife. Though I was more interested in the knife since it was something I really wanted to have around in case I needed one. But maybe I should really make some beef jerky or dehydrate some fruits. I wonder if there are any good combination of spices for beef jerky. It’s kind of hard to find good beef jerky in Toronto especially since it’s hard to acquire a food dehydrator here. Definitely going to give it a whirl when I come around to it.

Well from now until I sleep, I should find a small snack or something considering my stuff is growling as I type. Maybe Sobeys has something on sale I can cook up…

As always, comments and suggestions are appreciated!


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