Programs and the Rant

So I spent the last few hours just sifting through the internet for a blogging tool. I’ve haven’t found a good one yet so I just downloaded Windows Live Writer. I do have OpenOffice, though I doubt it has a blogging feature in it’s word processor. I just need it in case I forget to save a draft before closing a tab. I’ve also noticed that everything is not pushing towards Windows 7; even Microsoft is shunning it’s successors out of the picture. But for the most part, most of it is compatible to each other. Though the preference of reliability over the bountiful still keeps me bound to the familiar (unless I can get it pretty cheap or I find a better alternative). Curious whether to switch to Linux or stay the course considering the pricey extravagance of Windows 7. Someone did compile a little operating system with the Google Chrome OS codes, maybe when I have the time, I should give it a whirl. Wait, I don’t think no one is supporting that platform yet, have they? At any rate, I think that’s my fall back plan when Windows XP becomes the most obsolete operating system; but it was worth fifty bucks for the program while it lasted.

Besides from looking at other programs, I thought about making a DVD of all my necessary programs as an installation disk so everything would be there when I need them. I really did consider the fact when my old computer got infected. Pretty much it would have everything I would need to keep my computer running properly without downloading anything. Everything from firewalls, antivirus and malware detection and removal programs to disk defraggers, cache cleaners and a whole mess of media programs. Though the only downside would be that I would have to update these programs once installed. I wish I had a shred of programming experience so I can make an auto-updater for all my stuff. Stuff we can never do, eh?

In terms of entertainment, Toronto is like any other city. I’ve been here for two decades and it’s been pretty much the same stuff year in and year out. There isn’t much to city life after you just know most of the time the malls and movie theatres have their A-list quality shops and never something unique. Example? Eatons Shopping Centre by Yonge-Dundas Square. It fairly much has the usual boutiques you will find in any other mall. H&M, Gap and (-facepalm-) Abercrombie and Finch; sure, we have a diverse culture, but it’s severely diluted in terms of recreation and options. That’s why I love those little nooks like Korea Town or Little Italy, just something simple and not over the top. How about sporting venues? We use to have a driving range downtown before the condo boom. Tennis courts are everywhere and usually accompanied by a basketball court or two. Baseball diamonds and football fields, but there’s hardly anything I would call “alternative” downtown. I know Sgt. Splatter is ten blocks from my house, but that on an incline and I don’t really have the equipment for paintball. Also I find paintball pretty annoying considering the downtime for you to clean up and go again. I’ve been reading around and something close to it; it’s called “airsoft”. From these sources, I don’t mind being hit by one of those from a distance. But assuming the viability of this is scarce as paintball if not highly uncommon. I read further to find that this sport (maybe it’s an activity?) is somewhat illegal. That made me exclaim in profane hatred since I know UFC was allowed to play here and that’s literally bar room fisticuffs minus the beer. From what I’ve deducted from the forums posts and articles, it seems safe enough. And if my grade 11 science do me any use, I think a fist would hurt more than a 6mm 0.25 gram pellet travelling at 350 to 450 feet per second at a distance of 50 metres wouldn’t hurt that much. From what I read, it’s a like a bee sting or a pinch compared to a brick wall of UFC. I guess upholding the law with exceptions is pretty hard for politicians considering they would allow this. Maybe I should ask my local MP and MPP about  this. Where was it? Oh right, stuff to do in the city. Toronto should really pick up on more entrepreneur enterprises. Some down to earth, homely goodness of cultural boutiques and restaurants didn’t hurt anyone. Though McDonald’s is about half the distance of my favourite Korean place, I rather go for something delicious rather something fatty and quick. From time to time, I wouldn’t mind burger and fries or friend chicken and fries; something about fish and chips or all-you-eat appeals more for me in terms of appetite. And for the shopping, I could never find that look I like and I’m not a flashy kind of guy. I just want a damn good hoodie for under 20 bucks or a shirt that’s not from some damn designer. I just want to look normal, not a tool for fashion. The other day, I went to hang out with my sister. Holy crap she wanted me to try some stuff I didn’t really like to try since it looked so lame. There’s nothing wrong with black or a solid coloured shirt! It’s something called “not looking like a douchebag”. That’s just me, I just want to be me and have variety at the same time.

Well, I’m going to make my list of stuff I want for Christmas (even though I’m not religious) and stuff I want to do today.

Post comments and response about all this, I would appreciate some input!


2 thoughts on “Programs and the Rant

  1. Have you tried PortableApps? They offers a lot of portable version of some popular programs. Whenever there’s a new update, I just extract it to my local and external drive. They’re self-contain. No installation needed when restoring to local, you just copy the folder and it runs as usual.
    I prefer to use external drive for backup unit, it’s easier to delete programs that I no longer use. Or you could buy some 4GB flash drive, not as cheap as blank DVDs but no worries for it to scratch or broken.

    1. Looks pretty sweet. I’m strapped for cash so all I have are these DVD-RW’s and I’ve been meaning to put one of them to good use in terms of having some way to install stuff without the use of the Internet.

      Thanks for suggesting it.

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