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Can This Be A Thing?

I personally own a wireless mouse because the trackpad on my laptop feels uncomfortable (also the mouse was given to me awhile back and I finally have a use for it). Though it does provide more fluid movies on a 15 inch screen, there is a flaw I dislike about wireless products. This being the fact I need to recharge the batteries. I must admit, I use my mouse frequently so I usually recharge the batteries once a week. However as routine sets in, sometimes the mouse won’t last through the entire week and I would have to recharge them more frequently. I have considered a wired option for my laptop but wires would hinder the time I would need to set up my mouse and usually the cable is long and can get tangled. From my point of view having two variants of the same product is kind of out of the way for mobile technology, so why not have both?

I would like to see a wireless mouse designed to be more flexible whether it would be for desktop or laptop. Built primarily as a wireless mouse, it will be small with the ability to use a USB interface just like a traditional wired mouse. I don’t have anything designed; but it would be an interesting concept to pursue. For starters the device would need a transmitter and receiver like a normal wireless device. Second would be it’s ability to be wired as well. I think the USB cable should be able to plug into the mouse and the desktop without a need for a second port. Perhaps the dongle receiver would have a USB port onto itself to relay power and data to the mouse. Now comes the tricky part, I’ve read about USB hardware and someplace has said some devices now won’t allow certain devices to charge through a USB power. I am quite unsure if this is on the computer end or the peripheral end but it would be an extraordinary feature if the mouse can act as a universal charge for the batteries it’s using. So it can draw power from a power source without the need of replacing the batteries and the charging process won’t damage the batteries. With these 3 features, I think the wireless mouse would be great improved in terms of it’s versatility and minimize the need of buying additional peripherals for a computer platform. It doesn’t even have to end at mice, a keyboard which can be wireless and wired with the capability of recharging it’s own batteries would be an interesting step in allowing these peripherals to interface more easily on laptops and desktops.

Has anyone really thought about this besides me? If it was cheap, I wouldn’t mind have a wireless mouse like that. Any hardware designers out there, I offer you that challenge if there is no product out there like it build a wireless mouse which can:

  1. Be wired and wireless.
  2. Able to switch between devices through it’s own means. As in if I have my receiver on my laptop and I have the USB cable plugged into my desktop, I have the function to switch between wired and wireless modes without a need of a KVM switch.
  3. Able to recharge its own batteries. You cannot design the battery and the batteries are from large battery manufacturers which can be easily replaced. As in if I have Energizer brand rechargeable batteries, I should be able to use and recharge them through the mouse. If I chose to use Duracell brand of rechargeable batteries, then I would able to change them out and the Duracell batteries should be able to recharge.
  4. Optionally be able able to hold it charge for a longer period of time. A month at the most before charge. Though I would like to see a mouse that can be as power efficient as possible.

Until next time I leave this to you, geniuses of the world. It’s up to you to make what we have now and make them better.

Aliens Or Us?

Assuming the fact aliens did visit our little Blue Dot and have left or died many, it does beg the question why they would come visit us? Time and time again people encounter extraterrestrials and seem to be shrugged off as hoaxes and crazy people. I present to you the idea if these encounters were true and aliens have interacted with us. The question is truly why are they here? What do they want from us?

For a technologically advanced species compared to us, they seem to travel a long distance just either probe us, draw pictographs and buzz over some of the oddest places on Earth. Good guess about these aliens if they have visited us is likely curiosity. Whether they are like us or not, they are probably studying the living interactions on our planet. Manned or unmanned, they are here to see how our species and the species we cohabit the planet interact. As a third person perspective, this can only conclude primarily is the dominant intelligent species. Secondly it is likely whoever they are, they would find the dominant intelligent species has aerospace capabilities; if they’re exosolar, then our technology is primitive and would likely pose no offensive capabilities. From human accounts of how the military are to investigate these UFO’s. If they can differentiate between civilian and military, they can reduce our nature to be fairly hostile to near xenophobic. In my opinion, I can understand why they rarely would want to set foot on our planet if they can handle our atmosphere. If they tried, the first thing would be armed men surrounding you before subjecting you to involuntary examinations. That alone in our ethics is an act of war; which means committing to a hostile stance. Unfortunately this reinforces us as a hostile and xenophobic species and yet we devote our resources to look for extraterrestrials to only be ignored. Assuming they did visit us and have the capabilities to receive our signals, I doubt we seem likely candidates to have first contact. Pessimistic as it sounds, this seems to be the most likely result if they have visited us before. However there is a good in all this; our capability to change and innovate among ourselves. No doubt if a society were to develop space travel, it would have to pass on knowledge and understand to benefit everyone.

Aside from having that ability, the society should learn from it’s mistakes and learn to improve upon how it deals with itself. The past decade has shown positive and negative progress. We have expanded our reach for a world information network but there are internal forces who wish to privatize this information and service. We contribute our best to eradicate social problems and disease. In the end of it all the good we can potentially do,we potentially do a lot more to hinder ourselves. If we can surpass all doubt, it would be our sad redeeming quality for an extraterrestrial race to see our world. Our nature to learn and change is what will get us to meet our stellar neighbours.

What if that is not enough and we have to show them we can travel on an interstellar level? Then that is when we will have official contact with another species. Sounds like a Star Trek destiny if they have some expectations from us. Ever since societies have formed, each has dealt with politics which grew to handle their society. When we do make contact or they make contact with us; we should be ready to deal with problems which does not affect just one nation or one planet, but many worlds in around other stars. The question is when are we ready for the step forward to govern our entire world under one form of government. The way I see it, we are still fragmented in nations with it’s own demands and need. There are even governments with deep hatreds for other nations which a wrong move can result into a war. As I stated; they would see us as barbaric and hostile.

In the end at the moment, we are uninteresting to any interstellar traveller that may come across our watery world. So maybe it’s our fault, no one is answering our calls if they’re out there but we can try and better ourselves and prove to them and us we can join a larger community of many world.

Working on it!

At the moment, I’m drifting away from recording video for YouTube because of the long down time for each video, but I am working on outputting more videos. For the moment, I’m thinking of moving on from my Banished gameplay for a little while. At the moment, I haven’t made much progress and I think I should wait awhile before I feel like I’m in the right mind to play it again. So for the time being, I’m considering of playing something else to keep my channel interesting. At the moment, I’m looking into playing games I already own or games which are freely accessible and may be fascinating to play and watch. I’m working on it; don’t you fret, audience.

At the moment, I have fallen off the proverbial horse and haven’t been keeping myself as well as I’m suppose to be. For the most part, I’ve been staying up to play video games which leads me to sleep in during the day. Both aren’t good things nor bad, only means my schedule is thrown off and I need to get back on schedule. For my old followers, you know I meander from my course from time to time to always return to it. I’ve been working on sorting out my personal issues and focusing on resolving this drought of employment. So I’ve been spending more and more time trying to get myself out together to find something to work towards. At the moment priority is source of income, then comes everything else I want to do. I might consider volunteering again like last year, though I want to work on getting paid employment going.

As for my YouTube channel, I’m not quite sure what to play to divert from Banished. I could get into Kerbal Space Program, Insurgency co-op or something else I have in my library. If you would like to see me play a game, leave a comment telling any games you would want to see me play. Preferably free or I own already. Or even send it to me on Steam at Shooter-90, I’d appreciate it! Likely do KSP in sandbox, though I might do Career mode as well,

Nothing interesting for this week’s entry, I’m just working on real life stuff and being “busy”. Just another dull week at “the office” (AKA my room).

Until next time, keep busy everyone!

Social Gaming – An idea and execution

Those who have been with me on this blogging journey know I went through a phase with The Hunger Games. I wrote out an idea for a Hunger Games video game where 24 players are in direct PvP with each other to win the game. Coming after the afterglow which was Twitch Plays Pokemon, I think the idea or socialized PvP would be interesting to explore. One thing I found interesting is how much trouble when everyone is given an equal and strong voice to change how the game is played. Transferring the knowledge of TPP, I do believe it is plausible to create such a dangerous game that allows the spectators control of how the game is played. From hazards and weapons to the gifts the participants would receive, the spectators would have absolute control. Even the map selection power is given to the spectators and the 24 participants would have to endure any pain and punishment the Internet can throw at them.

For the players, the game should be simple as a HUD-less FPS with a survival element. The objectives are to kill the other players and survive. At the start, weapons are provided to players as well as limited amount of supplies. It’s fairly simplistic for players to either roam or destroy each other within a confined but open world map. Winner is last one standing through elimination or attrition. The dynamic element is how the spectators come into play. For the spectators, they have control of every aspect of how the game will progress. Before the round starts, they have a limited window to choose a map; each map has it’s own environmental hazards. So players would have to adjust playing in various condition which can kill them naturally. After the match has started, the chaos ensues into a random command input where the system monitors the spectators inputs for certain event to occur. Spectators choose from a variety of hazards such as randomly spawning beasts to change in weather and even show mercy by giving the players additional supplies. The system after a certain time limit will execute the task that’s highly voted upon. So an example list would be as such:

Fire barrier – A hazard to deter players from passing into certain areas. In players encounter this , they will be burned. This is a toggle, allowing the spectators to vote for it on or off.

Precipitation – Spectator’s choice. In forms of rain, acid rain and snow. Rain will slow players on certain terrain. Acid rain causes burning when exposed in an open area. Snow which slows in exposed area and the area becomes colder which can kill players.

Beasts – This is a spectator’s choice of various dangerous animals. Bother fictional and actual animals can cause a variety of status effects and even killing the players it encounters. Status effects range from bleeding, poison, excessive pain and fear. Bleeding causes health to passively drain until heal. Pain slows and can cause the player’s character to fall over at times, can be healed. Fear makes the players paranoid which will make the player at times hear things and see things that are not there, this disappears over time. Poison is the ultimate of the three which can cause a random of two of the 3 status effects which can disappear over time or can be removed through consuming an antidote.

Mercy – Grants players to vote for an item to a voted player. This item will descend close by the player, giving the the opportunity to pick it up or leave it. The item can be food or small items like medicine and even fire starting materials.

Feigned Mercy – Votes for a large present placed in the center of the map and announced to the players. It will be something players will want or need to survive. This can be weapons, food or items. With feigned mercy, the spectators can also vote on certain traps to be placed or not place them all. Traps such as forcing certain events to happen like the ones listed or a mix of everything.

Add/Remove Victory Conditions – Spectators can add more victory conditions and even remove the ones they have previously voted.

Though these are examples, these hazards can be expanded to do a lot more. Now implementing how these things happen is another matter in itself. Considering the need to spawn items and creatures in a circular arena, I would think a hex based spawning system would be in order. The system should allow the spectators to select a hex or player and select a hazard for which spectators can vote. The voting mechanic should be able to customize the time for one vote session allowing it to be as long or short as it wants. If not, then likely have each hazard have a cooldown period before being voted on again. Of course if there is a cooldown then the dangerous hazards would have the shortest while the safest will have the longest. The matches should be compelling but not well too drawn out, so I suggest a 20-25 minute match time; probably a tournament version to be longer to allow players who choose to play a longer match. This seems to be the simplest part since it’s mostly FPS and RPG coding; the shooting, survival and the hex map will play a role directly to the 24 players. The spectator system will be a bit more complex. Surely I think the system should allow spectators to jump into any match and start voting, so likely each match should have a match name or an ID when a match is created. Following that, it should have a watch for spectators to observe and execute voting procedures as quickly as possible. Which means a simple but powerful voting interface to encourage voting. Aside from that, gaming amenities such as chat should be implemented. To attract more spectators than players, I think having an online web interface would be appropriate while players will have a downloaded client to play in first person. I’ve seen some game engines which can handle a lot in a web browser plugin, I don’t think it would be possible to support over 64 players even though 24 are actual participants. If possible, perhaps have two versions of the game; one for players and one for spectators (Player’s client will have the spectator client included) or a web plugin if possible. So interest of time, I think spectators should have a 2D representation of the game board with current live and dead players displayed on a hex board along with status of the arena such as weather and hex conditions played by spectators. Consider it like a minimap in which spectators can only view. Of course there are a few drawbacks to the game such as ghosting where by a player can be instructed on what to do by watching or be watched by a non-participating member. To prevent thing, I think having the match ID be the only thing displayed and is randomly generated for spectators to us. The players won’t know the ID and on the spectator side, they won’t see the player’s name but can see their affiliations within the fictional world. For players the UI will be simple, a weapon display as well as a backpack interface if they are able to obtain a backpack. For spectators, they will have a their web plugin/client be more like a IRC chat and a large minimap and voting display.

Though players in this Hunger Games universe can dominate each other, the only true power is held amongst those who watch their fates unfold. Until next time, to the last man standing.

Human Oddity – Change

When I was in high school, I was always fascinated by history. Reading about the ancient times, the renaissances and the wars of old. The interesting thing about human society is it’s ebbs and flows. Regardless of where we are in the world or what era we live in, there are 3 things which happen in order. In much of the same ways, we are live in between one of those moment and the new one. The world turns, even looking inward to our own lives; the 3 remain the same. The Resolution; the dust settles and adopt the new ways or resents them. The Pause; the plans are made on both sides to move the future to where they see fit, for greed or other reasons. The Revolution; the plan is in action and both sides stand to engage their enemies until one stands firm which brings us back to The Resolution.

It’s hardly intricate, but yet repetitive. Each moment in human history seems to revolve around this cycle. From the extent of my memory, look back on the old world. Take The European Renaissance as our example. The Resolution; after the plagues and wars, many sought out the ideologies of peoples millennia ago. Leading to The Pause, the rise of a new era of art and science; people started to looking through telescopes and looking at the world in a new light. Then which lead to The Revolution; the world before disapproves of how these people were looking at things which contradict how they thought the world worked before. 

One more closer to our time? Early 20th century, new technology and the world slowly embracing machines to take them to places. To us, trains and automobiles seem mundane and slow; to them, it was quick and the new age. This was The Pause, right before the great wars in Europe; The Revolution where both side sought to change the world in their own right. With it was the enhancement of these technologies including planes, including new ideas of treating others. The world facing a new bloom of technology with The Resolution it brought, the war’s technology went home and brought us back to The Pause of the mid-1990; though even then, it wasn’t a quiet time. A new Revolution of human rights and mutual  agreements where we began to women and races as equals and the “old world” arms proliferation reached it’s peak and realized it’s potential of mutual annihilation. Then once more, The Pause which bestowed our generation’s greatest advancement; the freaking Internet. In hours, information can be sent and received everywhere at any time. Meaning a sharing of ideas on society and the slow mistrust of once again “old world” influences. A bygone generation’s way of holding down power while we wait for the oncoming generation’s Revolution. We can already see this happening around the world. Ever since the turn of this century, everyone has been fighting for change and those who haven’t are being seeded the very idea which will spark that change.

In my opinion, this revolution won’t be about challenging the world’s ideologies of religion or science. It won’t be fighting over who’s right or wrong. And it won’t be over who controls what anymore. From what I’ve seen and read, this Revolution is about freedom; whether it is protecting what is already ours and fighting for the freedoms we as humans need. Even in the most civilized places will become the battleground to challenge those who oppose freedom and those who dare seek to gain control of them. This revolution will not be about winning or losing, but how much freedom before it turns into anarchy or totalitarianism. It is in my opinion going to be a fine line this generation will cross to test the limits of the old world’s ideologies on freedom while some will be claiming their own. It worries me to think the capabilities a population of billions to do. An anonymous person once said, “Some men want to watch the world burn.” It is only a matter of time this smoking tinder becomes a forest fire.

Until next time, change doesn’t happen overnight but is forged like a sword and tempered in fire.

Blackberry Back In Action & Doing Some Small Things

Awhile back, I stopped using my Blackberry Playbook for whatever reason. Most likely my wi-fi settings were incorrect, recently I gave another crack at it. So look who’s back behind their 5 inch screen?

Though not much has changed, after so long the gestures are so intuitive that it was almost reflex memory. The WordPress app seems to be the same and the Android emulation is and always has been sketchy at best. So back to blogging on the Playbook while new bits of my Let’s Play series is uploading as we speak (I could be done by now and uploading a new set). I think the exciting part for me in the series is I can open up a point of view of how I play video games. Though it isn’t as immersive as actual play, gives you insight on how I play and what I get out of playing video games. It is the second series on my channel; first being Call Of Duty with the best audio job I could back then, I am giving it another go to learn some skill in it. Perhaps if people take interest, it might drive me to do a better job and start editting the whole thing. For the time being I am sticking to a simple format; uneditted 20 minutes of commentary of Banished to follow my town from ruin to riches.

I am thinking of doing a few things with my Twitter account besides broadcasting to the world about my newest video. I am thinking of doing bits of poetry in 140 characters or less. Fairly simple, I write down a verse and I put it with a hashtag. I think I’ll be doing it for the next week or so until I am at a loss for words. So feel free to bookmark my Twitter page or just add me if you have Twitter. Staying productive is tough without a job, I can see why some folks don’t want to retire.

That’s all for now, nothing thought provoking; maybe sometime this week. Until next week, this is @nawkcire on Twitter, nawkcire on Youtube and (Yes, you guessed it!) nawkcire at; have a good week everyone!

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Flashpoint Marathon – “Why isn’t this a video game?”

I can’t get enough of the show; since the finale, I’ve been just watching this chronologically whenever I want to watch to watch a straightforward cop drama. I watched stuff like CSI and Law & Order, it never appealed to me because it was a rinse and repeat method of television with names changed and subtle generic plot twists.

Flashpoint is still the only cop drama I’ve enjoyed because it was live action. The camera work was up close and natural which put the viewer into the situation. The story arcs were mixed and compelling in terms of exploring secondary characters and personalities of the primaries. Revolving around an elite team of police officers similar to SWAT, the show follows the internal and external struggles of law enforcement and the effects it has to the individuals in the team. Fundamentally, the writers did a good job on challenging TV character and item tropes like infinite ammo for the weapons and the good or bad cop. Most surprisingly is the intricate gunplay. When I first watched the entire series, I was on edge wondering when they would shoot someone throughout the series after seeing the first episode. After awhile, the show put you into the frame of mind where there is a grey area where you start to understand when they should use their firearms. In the entirety regardless of whether it was the first or the latest time I’ve watched it, the back of my mind wants this to be a video game.

Let’s assume the best that I was a programmer and I could pull it off, lets visualize this. The pacing should be fairly episodic like you play a character in the story; when you die, that’s the end of the character. So we can assume some extent of character customization like facial customization, body height, voice and maybe character traits. For the episodic pace, likely a mission progression system with key NPC’s reappearing in later content. With that said, I think players would get bored of playing the same missions over an over in a set mode. So probably have some procedurally generated mission system to increase difficulty and positions of NPC’s to offer different scenarios. To make it interesting the levels would have to have a lot of walking room. In my head, it would make sense to have a first person perspective to put the players into their characters. That takes care of the gunplay; the contained scenes where characters negotiate, meaning in game it should have some aspect of that. So an advance AI system that can distinguish combat and negotiation mode and a system that doesn’t necessarily provide right or wrong answers excluding right and wrong answers to diffuse the current situation. There should be a listen and respond component. At the same time, there should be animations to signal mood and behaviour to the player to and respond in a timely manner. Which brings out the animation and the detailing to it. Mostly sticking to face like facial features and body language. In terms of gameplay mechanics, the animations should include things like takedowns seen in Halo and Battlefield 3. Maybe get deeper to that to have a takedown and struggle mechanic where takedowns are more to slow progress and the struggle forces players to go into QTE’s (Quick Time Events) to disarm weapons or escape headlocks. Establishing that, let’s examine the various scenarios which can be in this imaginary game we can make!

In the show I’ve seen a bunch of hostage situations as well as just mentally unstable individuals which can display the AI mechanic, in terms of combat there could be scenarios where players would have to confront situations where it’s non-negotiable. Example would be the player would have to resort into shooting a hostage taker when they feel negotiations aren’t working or have failed. Bomb disposal was part of show in bits so probably have items and mechanics to deal with bomb disposal. So definitely snipping wires could be a thing.

In terms of multiplayer, a lot of games are mostly multiplayer with either a small single player campaign or a tutorial. In this case I think it should be a tutorial and multiplayer to get the basic controls and teach basic game mechanics. The multiplayer would have to co-op since there can be more content and gameplay than just multiplayer for this. The best I could personally see if this was going to be a player versus player would be some sort of deathmatch, Counter-Strike like demolition, or a capture game mode. So not much in terms of being accurate to the show but would remove the AI component. In a cooperative setting, it would likely yield more content in terms of procedural AI spawns, traits and situations. Also allows the character customization to be more important for the player to humanize their character rather be an expendable player especially with certain gameplay traits. Also it opens up opportunity to do things like have AI attack wave after wave.

I wouldn’t be too sure if I would play this but if someone built it and had my attention, I might give it a shot. It would definitely be a change from guns blazing to taking things slow with opportunities to use the weapons and items.

Until next time, keep on daydreaming!

Society: Deeds, Not Words

This week we’re going to get a bit political. Considering what’s going on with the world recently; not just the past few weeks, but what has transpired over just half a decade. Though I do believe in a society with civil protection and a military strength to defend its borders, but it’s unlikely they really do protect the people they are meant to serve.

Ever since the dawn of humanity, we humans always sought to protect ourselves from unknown and known threats. Whether it is a bear near our camp or the group of other humans wanting to eliminate the competition, we learned a few things along the way to increase our chances to survive. In many ways, our technology has grown alongside the need to protect and preserve lives within a social environment because we’ve learned that there’s safety in numbers. Going back to the pre-tool years of human evolution, we use to hunt in groups to run down prey. When we began sharping sticks, it made it efficient to kill our prey rather than waiting for it to exhaust itself to death. Possible over a millennia, one group found another group and likely did not like the other. Tensions would rise and physical confrontation will happen in the means of using the tools which built their home to use as a defense against those who would want to destroy. Over time, groups would be in such conflict would have to protect themselves in the day and in the night; which means have an armed guard. Though this would happen whether or no another group is involved, there would be animals which could have been considered higher up the food chain. Though this isn’t necessarily how we came to have armies and enforcement, it’s a beginning of protecting the people around us. Whether you think of this as a man with a pointy stick or a child with a bow and arrow, this person in the particular group is assigned to watch out for us while we go about our day and watch over us while we sleep.

As societies grew and permanently settled, the situation changed. No longer can one person can really watch over an entire group, so more people in the populace are assigned to the watch. Over time, perhaps we longer relied on just have the sharpest tool in the tool box. We need to protect ourselves from bigger societies with more people who are after resources. We built walls and worked specifically on technology to make our tools better. No longer these people were used to harvest and hunt for food, these tools became our weapons. Weapons we used to wage unnamed wars and weapons use to kill other humans over stockpiled food and construction staples like stone, wood and metals. Over the eras, the man with pointy stick will become a group of well armed and trained citizens with stone axes, then perhaps a jagged copper or iron blade. The arms race has begun.

Armour, swords, siege weapons, gun powder; no doubt the technology has grown alongside the need to be safe and alive and at the same time to confront the darkness ahead. As societies grew to span beyond the local geography, people began taking up arms for those who knew nothing about. Regardless of the reason to do so, these people chose to protect others in an place they know nothing about. From my point of view, we as a species gravitated towards working to secure what we have and gain more when possible. Whether it is to barter or to gain forcefully, we managed to impose this group protection on others. This is the power held by the highest order in society, to tell one allied group to attack a hostile group. In our democratic society, it is the politicians that declare wars and provide the aid to others. In the years before it, it was the kings and emperors who held this power. From the one to the many, this power has allowed all of us to stay together in groups and keep everyone safe. Which brings my burning question, who actually controls this axis of authority?

When it comes down to it, it’s the politicians in our society. Considering there is millions in one society, it’s nearly impossible to know what everyone wants. Thus why democracy in theory works, it is the majority of the people wanting the same. If the politicians say “war”, the majority of those people wanted war. If the politicians say “more coppers”, we get more coppers. Though under legal standing, a majority is 51% of the people. Meaning 49% of the society is against the majority. Arguably, some people are not in it for society but for themselves and using society to hide their motives. In that sense, the 51% could contain people who are not even voting for a better society but a goal which that politician wants to achieve. As long as power is there, there will be people with true and ulterior motives. Mostly indistinguishable, but chosen because of what outward trust has displayed to the public who selected them. There’s a special forces motto, “deeds, not words”; meaning the actions you commit to are more palpable than the promises. Perhaps this should be what distinguishes a politician, deeds and not words. Their actions should get them elected and not just what has been promised to the people potentially voting. Even with this, are they there to protect us?

If you are old enough or young and read a history book, you know about the past and how one person with overwhelming power and decimate a society. It’s a tough pill to swallow but I submit the idea that we are just as fallible as those who elected those people in the past. Nobody wants a police state, war or a revolution but this is the big three that could be just beyond the horizon. Because of our trust in a few in power who could potentially mismanaged this society, we allowed ourselves as the large minority to be vulnerable. This pyramid of power keeps people safe but it leaves the same people vulnerable. Same way the man with the pointy stick can kill his own camp. This is the double edged hidden blade that will assassinate the heart of our modern society (Assassin’s Creed reference, if you haven’t figured it out). It won’t be just terrorism, gangs, or money endowed citizens; but ourselves. Sounds grim simply put, but this is the prelude to change.

We still have the power to make a difference regardless of the opposition if we question and scrutinize everything we’ve previously created. Those who can ask the hard questions will expose weakness and flaws in the system that has been built up to protect and those who recognize these weakness will take it down bit by bit until we see the truth in the trust we put into our governments. The government is not our enemy but an institution we must keep asking questions and contributing towards, not only our votes and our taxes but our thoughts. The government broken down is the few and we are the many, even the minority. One side possesses the political power while the other has safety in numbers. Which one is truly powerful?

Until next time, do good and promise nothing.

Steam is fuelling my problems

With only one more day until the release of Banished, I’ve found more games I want to play in the Steam store. Helpful as it is, it doesn’t help making me want to play those games. The games I’m being pulled towards? Banished because I want to play it on my revived YouTube channel. Recently I found Takedown: Red Sabre in the Steam store for under 2 dollars as a promotion. Though I think by now, the price has went back up so I’m disappointed. Recently I have this fascination for ship simulators, especially Artemis the spaceship bridge simulator. I could always wait for Pulsar: The Lost Colony and find a few other people to play.

On a positive note, I think I’ve done all I can for my recording set up. Banished is going to look amazing on low quality! From my last batch of recordings, I can push the quality to 720p but I would suffer a long upload time. In the interest of time and sanity, I decided to keep the video format to one long reel of 20 minutes long so my upload time would take a quarter of a day or less. Considering whatever I do would slow down my connection, it’s invaluable that I do other things until I feel I could do something worthwhile on YouTube. In many ways, I think the channel will be more of a video outlet and supplement to my blog. Talking about stuff and just my open dialogue to the world. Also give you a look at the games I like to play might encourage some people to give them a try as well.

Besides the technical work, I think I’m I need to find someone with talent in graphic design to do my channel art and icon. Not too worried about it at the moment, but I’m considering to make it part of my digital life.

Until next time, feel free to check out my channel and have a mellow Monday!

Thanks for telling I was thirsty, brain.

I had this really odd dream I thought it was worth sharing. Before I forget it, I best get to the dream.

It started in darkness and as quick as the deep black enveloped me, I felt warmth around my body. Then a quick flash of light, like a shimmering star. Then another and another; as I looked ahead, the light got closer. As it did, it grew around me and as quickly as it filled this space, I was entered a realm.

Hand gripping an overhead bar as faint lights zipped by in front of me. I noticed I was standing close to the front of a subway car; empty, lifeless as I felt it smoothly slowed into a station full of people. Peering out, everyone almost looked the same. The walls of the station decorated in shades of brown while the people who filled the car quickly were wearing brown; perhaps maroon. The car was quickly full; shoulder to shoulder with pale skinned folks going about their business. I saw a man with spectacles reading glasses reading his newspaper like a typewriter. I couldn’t make out the date or what was on the front page. Left was this woman wearing bright red lipstick, she smiled at me; almost reassuring. Brunette with a pair a faded blue pupils, no make up besides the lipstick. As I glimpsed her, I saw my shoulder and noticed I was wearing a dark blue shirt. I looked down to my feet I noticed it was a jumpsuit with black boots. On my left breast, it has something written and framed; like a nametag but I couldn’t make out what it said.

As the car travelled into the endless tunnel, I surveyed the space around me. A sea of brown and I noticed the decor matched the colour of the people’s clothes. Throughout this time, I remember feeling calm and relaxed. Even as I travelled up the car, people allowed me to slip past them. As the train slowed and stopped into another station, I looked out of its window and saw it was a similar station but this time there were armed guards in an open line formation. Gaps wide enough for one person to slip past them as they were armed with rifles; dressed fully in black, including the beret on their heads. Almost militaristic, right down to the tactical vests and equipment. As people filed out, I followed suit. As I did, I was swarmed by these guards and was forced to the ground face first.

Next thing I know I felt myself hyperventilating as feel my moist breath condense close to my face. My head was covered and I heard murmurs just beyond this cloth covering. As I realized my situation, I felt my hands tied behind my back as I sat on a wooden chair. I knew it was a wooden chair from the feel of the varnish and the cool warmth against my body. I was then forced to stand then march blindly. From the sound, it was a concrete hallway. Their boots marched in sync as their equipment attached to them bounced making metallic clinks and clunking against their clothes. Stopped at one point I was then forced to turn to one side, then a whirring sound close in front of me. I felt a cool breeze brush against me as the noise stops on a large thud. I felt a push of an elbow on my back, encouraging me to march further. Aside from the restraints on my arms and a hood over my head, I don’t think my legs were bound as well.

They forced me to stop and removed my hood. Next I saw beyond me was a silent sea of brown with stadium lights around me and concrete walls surround the place. At this moment I noticed why I’m here, it felt like an execution. So I struggled but they held me in place. One of the guards come right around with a pistol and aimed steadily to my head. As I braced myself, I closed my eyes. Then I heard it; the shots landing into flesh but I felt nothing. When I opened my eyes, I saw the guards collapse to the ground with blood pooling from their bodies. The crowd was still and quiet, not a gasp but only stares at me. Whoever fired off was on my side, I thought. So I grabbed the pistol from my would-be executioner and rifle from the dead and ran back into the corridor. I didn’t know how to escape but as I turned corners, I heard shouting and gunshots from down the hall. I saw these dark figures retreating as one falls. As they did I saw a glimpse of a blue figure as he turned to me and continued chasing the guards.

I wanted to wake up because everything is getting too intense. A botched execution, the guards, the blue jumpsuit figure. As I ran down this maze, I bumped into one of the guards and I drew my rifle. That moment felt like it was forever. As I did, he drew his and I fired as quickly as I could. Bang…bang…bang. All I saw was him falling to the ground as I ran passed him, I make sure he was dead since I wanted to get out. Every door I checked was locked; made of metal, I knew I wouldn’t be able to bash through it without one of the guards in the area discovering me and willing to finish the job. I came across these double doors and opened them. It was a darkly lit room, it was empty but I felt like I knew its purpose; an armoury. I saw bullets spilled on the ground, some of the tactical vests laid on chairs and tables as though they left in a hurry. There were even rifles and knives left over. I quickly collected what I need; a few magazines for my rifle, a vest to carry and dropped my pistol assuming it was dead weight with one full magazine. I strapped the vest over my blue jumpsuit and packed the rifle magazines into every pocket I can stuff them into and loaded a fresh magazine into my rifle. I looked out into the grey hallways, I could hear gun fire coming close; almost as though the fighting was coming right around the corner. I continued running, I kept bumping into one or two people and I just kept taking them down quickly.

I reached to a flight of stairs. I looked up then down. It was lit both ways but no echoes of distant footsteps. I had to choose a direction, so I went down in hope this place was more like a building than a bunker. As I went down, I found doors to each floor, either there were corpse laid on the floor or I could hear shouting and shooting. I kept moving on until I got tired of the stairs. I went into one of the floors and found more guards. Dispatching as quickly as I could, I kept moving until this hallway led me to an open area which looked more like a lobby, it was empty but with sandbags and ammunition scattered everywhere. On the other side of this oval shaped area was a set of turnstiles leading down. I went through and found myself on a subway platform with a deserted train. I went to what was presumably the front and saw a light at the end of the tunnel. I started to flick switches. As the gunfire grew close, echoing off the the lobby; I got out and jumped into the tracks and ran. At this point the guards caught up and started shooting at me and I could hear the bullets hit close to me. I kept turning around and firing a burst back and continued running for the light. As the light come closer and closer. The gunfire slowly ceased and I kept running until the exit. When I passed the tunnel’s threshold, I looked around and saw a grass fields in either side. As I looked up, I saw this grey monstrosity behind me with a blue clear sky with birds chirping. No shouting, not gunshots; just me catching my breath and the birds chirping close by and train tracks leading straight on.

I walked along the tracks for awhile and started to head off into grass. I don’t know how long I walked but it was pleasant compared to what I experienced in this dream. I came to this large cylindrical  tube that seemed to lead back to the grey featureless exterior and one end leading off to the distance. To the touch, it was cool and soft like a water balloon. I pulled out a knife and sliced a small hole and as water spurted out and began to drink from it. I didn’t realize how thirsty I was in the dream until this moment when the cool water was in my mouth. That’s when I woke up, thirsty I went to the fridge to pour myself a glass. When I sipped from it, it felt like the sips I took in the dream.

So apparently that was my brain telling me I was thirsty. Until next time, thanks brain for letting me know I’m thirsty.


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